Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello there!

Wow! Lots has happened since my last post (one month ago). I went to Israel, women won their first game, and Pee Wees are gearing up for Cloquet. Small summary, because I don't feel like typing up everything :)

I headed to Israel at the end of December for what was sure to be an incredible trip! I landed in Tel Aviv, and my friend Or picked me up from the airport, and we headed to his place in Jerusalem for some food and to rest. That night was our friend Dan's birthday, so we ended up going out for that. This trip was meant to see friends, hang out, and most importantly... relax! New Year's Eve was spent with Joseph in Tel Aviv. We stayed at the Park Plaza, which was a beautiful hotel, and our room overlooked the ocean and the city. Could not have asked for a better view! We went out for the night, and saw this wonderful new little place called "The Breakfast". The music was fun, the people were great, and it was a perfect place to spend New Years.

Throughout the trip I had the chance to spend time with many of my old friends. We hung out in Jerusalem, and a few times in Tel Aviv. My cousin Samantha was in town during the same time, so we had the chance to get dinner and walk around the beautiful Old City of Jerusalem. Joseph was nice enough to let me stay at his place, as was Ram-el.

The trip was awesome! I wish I had the energy to be more descriptive but there we go :)

It was about time! The women had decided that they wanted to turn over a new leaf and start winning some games. Well, they did it! They got their first win! It was a really good game... the girls learned that to play a good game you need to play aggressively, play your position, and trust your team mates. I am so proud of the girls! I know that we will start getting some more wins under our belt.

Cloquet... gearing up!
We go to Cloquet at the end of the month. We have made changes to the Pee Wee lines and hopefully that wil guide us to the win in the tournament. We will be staying at Black Bear Resort and Casino, and also going to watch the UMD vs. Madison hockey game. After that we will be going to meet the players.